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A laser is a device that emits activated and synchronized light. It is sometimes used in surgery to cut and dissolve tissue. In dentistry, lasers have a number of uses. They are most often used in tooth-whitening procedures; however, they also can be used in cavity removal and preparation, and in surgery of the gums and other tissues in the mouth. Research on the effectiveness of lasers in dental procedures is ongoing. The main advantages of a laser assisted dental surgery are it’s painless during and after the procedure, very minimal bleeding and speedy recovery.

Use of Laser is generally indicated for the following:
  • Gingival surgeries
  • Removal of tissue growths and biopsies
  • Removing tongue ties and frenums
  • Reduction of Gum hypertrophy
  • Treatment of cold (canker) sores, herpetic and aphthous ulcers
  • Sterilizing periodontal pockets
  • Laser assisted whitening of teeth